In employment and labor situations, issues of exposure, collateral consequences, and cost effectiveness often collide.  CSR Lawyers place particular emphasis on a strategy at the outset that takes into account each of these issues.

Chris has won for clients in major wage and hour class action, discrimination, executive compensation, labor, fiduciary duty, trade secret litigation, and administrative proceedings. 

Chris massively mitigated wage and hour exposure for several large home improvement companies in numerous class actions.  Chris successfully prosecuted claims against aircraft industry executives for breach of fiduciary duty and usurption of corporate opportunities.  Chris and Elan Bloch also preserved the trade secrets of an international food distributor in trade secret litigation against several former employees and others seeking to establish a competing business.

Chris and CSR Lawyers have developed employment policies and procedures, handled day to day employment issues, and closed on artist/executive agreements for companies.  Chris has also managed several high risk situations including internal investigations, independent investigations, regulatory investigations, and reduction in force events.

Chris has also represented several high level executives in employment agreement negotiations, severance issues, and termination disputes including the executive vice president of a major recording label, the executive editor of one of the most famous adult magazines, a professional hockey team executive, and the portfolio manager for a major recording artist.

Full Service Business, Trial & Litigation Firm

CSReeder, PC is a full service business, trial, and litigation firm. CSR Lawyers deliver winning results in cases ranging from bet-the-company litigation to general business disputes. Chris Reeder also acts as general counsel to several companies and high net worth individuals.